World Congress on Controversies in Pediatrics (CoPedia)

The 4th World Congress on Controversies in Pediatrics (CoPedia)

Кратки назив: CoPedia 4

Локација: Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 4th World Congress on Controversies in Pediatrics (CoPedia) will take place March 30 – April 1, 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

CoPedia is one of the few congresses that brings together groups of interdisciplinary experts to tackle current clinical controversies in the field of pediatrics. The 4th CoPedia will focus on Infectious Diseases, Immunizations, Nutrition, Endocrinology, Obesity, Allergy, Asthma, Neurology, ADHD, Cardiology, Hematology, Neonatology, and more.

The CoPedia scientific program will address the most burning questions in the field of pediatrics and will provide an effective forum to discuss and debate these questions. In addition, there will ample time allocated to speaker-audience discussions.

As one CoPedia participant put it, “you’ll probably have to travel to half a dozen congresses to get what you get at CoPedia.”

We look forward to an exciting scientific event in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


Ami Ballin, Sami Bahna, Marc A. Benninga
On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Тип Конгрес
Карактер скупа Међународни
Научна област Медицинске науке
Тематске области Infectious diseases
Neonatology – premature infants: long term follow-up re growth and development
Hematology – Thrombophylia screening before contraceptive pills
Gastroenterology – Crohn’s dis. IBD, celiac
Obesity – bariatric surgery
Neurology – headache, migraine, ADEM
Endocrinology – GH therapy, The management of short stature, genetics of congenital hypothyroidism
Adolescent Medicine – alcohol abuse, mood and affect disorders
Језици English,
Подразумјевани језик English

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Временска зона (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
Рок за достављање апстракта 01.12.2016.
Рок за пријаву учешћа 25.03.2017.
Почетак конференције 30.03.2017.
Завршетак конференције 01.04.2017.


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